5 Reasons I Honestly Adore The Honest Company

5 reasons I adore the honest company

Over the past few years and couple of kids, I have become an Honestly Huge fan of the Honest Company. Why? As a marketer and a mom—my top 5:

1) Top Notch Quality

Let’s be honest – there’s just a plain lack of quality products out there. From diapers to my new fave cleaner, I’ve been highly satisfied with product performance.

2) Display-Ready Design

Honest Company multi-surface cleanerThe Honest Company has done such an exceptional job with its branding and packaging. It’s actually decorative which I see as a legit value add—and that’s not just the marketer in me talking.

At the agency I work for, McDill Associates, we do a ton of award-winning packaging design. I know a solid PDP (primary display panel for the less nerdy) when I see it!

3) Convenience

With 3 kids ain’t nobody got time to be running out to get diapers all the time. Quick and reliable shipping is one of the keys to my heart (and wallet).

Honest Company Baby4) Values and Purpose

If I find that a brand performs and fits my life, I’m there. But when it has value and purpose behind it, I’m engaged. It’s meaningful to me (regardless of previous fame) that a mom created the Honest Company for moms like me—and helps less fortunate moms.

5) Loyal Customer Freebies

This is what inspired the post. As a loyal customer, it’s really nice to be acknowledged as such. With my last shipment of diapers and cleaner was this.

Honest Company Face & Body LotionFor the record, this definitely isn’t the first little surprise goodie I’ve received. And I know it won’t be the last. Note that it’s also a full size package. Not giving me a trial sample says they honestly value my loyalty — and know that translates to more than 1 oz of product.

Thanks, Honest Company for being Honestly Awesome!

Your fan forever,
Lisa Hansen