McDill Interviews: Summer Intern Mayra Valtierra

McDill intern Mayra

Here at McDill we’ve had the opportunity to host a number of outstanding interns over the years. Mayra has, without a doubt, been one of the most motivated and awesome interns to have passed through our doors. Before she headed back to Oklahoma to complete her final semester of graphic design courses, we had a chance to sit down and see what it has been like working alongside the McDill design team for the last 6 weeks.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Mayra, I’m the new intern here at McDill! I am in my senior year of college at Oklahoma State University’s Institute of Technology and I’m about to finish my degree in Graphic Design. I will be graduating in December, but before I finish I am required to intern with an agency.

How did you end up choosing McDill?

I decided to come back to my homeMcDill intern Mayra state of California not only because I have family here but because I am hoping to move back to California permanently after I graduate. Finding an internship position with McDill was perfect — the quality of their work paired with their years of expertise as a leading marketing and design agency in the Bay Area made the decision a no-brainer!

What do you like most about the company and what are some things you have learned?

McDill intern MayraI’ve enjoyed working alongside a small creative team. I’d always thought that this was the type of environment that would suit me best, and I was right. In the seven weeks that I have been here I have gotten to work on a wide variety of projects. Everything from first round logos to designs on cookies and social media brainstorming. There are also a lot of small things that I never knew would be such a big help in the professional world, such as simple keyboard shortcuts and printing tips. And another big thing I have learned is how to stay organized and keep track of my hours and, of course, being on time. That was a big one! I keep a notebook so I can track when I start projects and when they are due to be complete, which has helped me manage my time throughout the day.

Sounds like a lot of fun for an internship!

All the people at McD­ill are so nice! McDill intern MayraEveryone has been very helpful so I always feel comfortable asking questions when I need advice. I’m almost finished with my internship hours and it will be sad to leave, but I’ll always keep the experiences of working here, along with the friends and memories, close to my heart.