Project Spotlight: Katz Gluten Free Packaging

Gluten-Free & Delicious?! We’ll be the judge of that.

We will be the first to admit that when Katz Bakery called us to talk about their gluten-free frozen desserts, we were intrigued. We’ve certainly seen the rise of gluten-free products go from trend to category staple so it’s not like we were surprised… But we were intrigued.  Why? Well because we love to eat what we market, of course!

So as soon as we knew that Katz was engaging us for a packaging design for a new gluten-free treat, we immediately hit Whole Foods. We brought back Katz’s gluten-free donuts, and gave them a quick zap in the microwave.

And guess what? THEY WERE DELICIOUS. We’ve now officially moved from intrigued to thrilled about this project. We weren’t talking donuts for this endeavor, but close enough.

Market Strategy, Check.

Katz first asked McDill to gut check the market strategy. Should this new item be positioned with Gluten-Free front and center? Or can it take a bit of a backseat since this new item has another story? Would we alienate those brand loyalists? Or would we potentially attract new ones? We loved digging into this almost as much as the donuts.

Messaging on Point.

Design and messaging are so interwoven that it’s a toss up on which comes first. In this case, messaging took the lead so once we knew that was on point, we had our foundation to build on.

Design + Photo = Magic

Now comes the real magic! To say that packaging design is an iterative process is the understatement of the universe and this project was no exception. Font choice and imagery were exceptionally critical for this new product, making a solid case for having an on-site photo studio with a full digital set up. Dropping the photo right into the package design on-set was necessary to get every crumb perfectly in place.  

Heating up the Frozen Case

The frozen aisle of retail grocery is a brutal place to try and stand out. A package design has to work extra hard to grab those few precious seconds to lure a shopper into coming closer. Make that double for a product that isn’t a standard in the category! We’re delighted to report that the mission was accomplished, as evidenced by the shelf pic sent by the client. White hot!

“The McDill team was the ideal partner for market strategy, packaging design and photography. From start to finish, their insight and creativity pushed the product launch in the right direction. The feedback from both retail customers and loyal shoppers has been extremely positive. We look forward to a continued partnership with McDill as our product line grows.” —Motty Jacobowitz, Owner, Katz Bakery

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