Pure Flavor Rebrand: Project Spotlight

A Lifestyle Brand…In Fresh Produce?!

When we took on the Pure Flavor rebrand project, the challenge was a really juicy one—to create a lifestyle brand. The idea was that this leading greenhouse grower wanted to promote more than just it’s high quality, trusted fresh

vegetables. This special company is forward-thinking enough to promote a healthy lifestyle that goes far beyond product.

The hitch? It had to be done within a matter of weeks to make packaging deadlines.

Here we go!


Messaging, Messaging, Messaging

An extensive messaging exercise led to more than a handful of great messages that work across trade and consumer materials. A few of our favorites (that in some cases were also trademarked):

A Life of Pure Flavor
Live Deliciously
Pure Energy. Pure Enjoyment. Pure Living.

Packaging is the #1 Touchpoint

It was agreed that packaging was the most critical visual element of the rebrand so most of the creative process directly involved their numerous labels, bags and boxes. Once we fell into a direction of custom illustrations, the packaging (and lifestyle positioning) really came to life.

This gave us a unique (and ownable) look and the opportunity to pull in the healthy lifestyle positioning right alongside the product.

Now we really had something to build on. A trade ad concept to tease the launch was as simple as playing up the illustrations.

As for the packaging—the trick was how to keep an umbrella brand look while also highlighting both commodity and specialty items.

Playing by The Brand Rulebook

As messaging and packaging were nailed down, we concurrently developed a comprehensive brand style guide that outlined everything from messaging to photo styles. Because we were developing assets that various teams would be carrying out, it was critical to cover every branding detail possible for consistency across platforms. Everything from graphic layout styles, lifestyle imagery and product imagery look, custom patterns, color pallette, fonts, and more were defined.

Custom Photography

To bring it all together, a library of custom photography was needed. Just as important as product photos and recipes were a selection of lifestyle images that bring the authenticity of the brand position to life.

The recipe photos were much more than meets the eye. Each one had to be methodically tested and modified. All 55 of them!

On The Shelf

Where the real proof lies…. Shelf presence!

Looking good, Pure Flavor! Our magic eight ball says we have a winner.

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